Secondary Glazing

STypically the secondary glazing path is the only method you can accomplish the benefits of double-glazed replacement windows. You may live in a sanctuary, or maybe your home is a listed building. It might also be that you are in a long-term rental lease or a joint freehold plan and for that reason restricted regarding how doors and windows can be restored.

Naturally, installing secondary glazing needs to fulfill the rigid requirements set by the local council and concurred by your property owner. You also want your secondary glazing to stream with the rest of the building and the design of your spaces.

So, value-led complementary and unobtrusive design with hidden fixing, which triggers a minimum of disruption and leaves you with only minor redecoration.  A no-frills approach to providing answers and estimates is how we can provide you a truly custom service.

Thanks to its distinct soundproofing capabilities, secondary glazing can minimize sound pollution brought on by various sources. For lots of homeowners, traffic noise is their greatest concern. In these instances, secondary glazing with thicker glass and fitted properly, can make a world of difference.

Warmth is an important product and producing a second barrier to the elements is an ideal method to reduce wasteful thermal heat loss. The development of an insulating layer of air is as crucial to the retention of energy as the fitment and seals. With the best glass, the result can be a decrease in heat loss by as much as 65 percent. Ask for help by finding your glazier locally that works in your area. A local glazier is always best.

For thermal insulation, low-e glass is often the best choice due to the glazing being created and engineered to provide:

  • The Very Best Single Glazing Insulation
  • Optimum Energy Conservation
  • An Extremely Discreet Installation
  • An Environmentally Friendly Solution
  • An Affordable Investment

The resulting installations can go beyond structure policies’ requirements, using considerable cost savings in the process. It is also the product of option for standard buildings and homes, noted buildings, and conservation areas, keeping their appearance, character, stability, and worth.